Hello - Frequently asked questions is where you'll find our list of those common questions that we have receive as an Association Board over the years.    If you don't find your an answer to your question below, please contact our association President at president@westhaventrails.org.  - Thank you!

What is the purpose or mission of the West Haven Trails Association?

The overall purpose and mission of our HOA was set for us during the development of the neighborhood and focused on maintaining and managing the many parks, green spaces and private courts owned by the association's members (all of us).

What is the purpose of the Board of Directors?

Managing to the covenants are the responsibility of the volunteer Board of Directors made up of association members.  Their responsibilities include: (1) maintaining association owned property (neighborhood parks, common areas and private courts), (2) billing, collecting and administering association assessments, (3) ensure effective Architectural Review, and (4) serve as resource for association members and residents.

 Who's responsibility are maintaining the mailboxes?

The mailboxes on the private courts off of Muir Field and Highway PD are the responsibility of the Westhaven Trails Association.  However, if you lose your key to your mailbox, that is the homeowners responsibility to replace.  To replace your key/lock you will need to contact the USPS (United States Postal Service).  http://www.usps.com/

Can I have a fence?

According to the covenants and current Fencing Policy fences are permitted ONLY with the permission of the Architectural Review Board.  Please see the Architectural Review Board page on this site for more information.

My neighbor puts his trash out on the curb 3 days early, what can I do?

This is a City of Madison ordnance issue, please refer to the Report a Problem website for more information.  http://www.ci.madison.wi.us/reportaproblem/

There is an abandoned car on the street, what can I do?

Contact the Madison Police Department, Parking Enforcement, (608) 266-4275, If the vehicle owner is not a resident of the property, it is the property owners responsibility to contact Parking Enforcement.  See the Report a Problemwebsite for more information.  http://www.ci.madison.wi.us/reportaproblem/

What does my assessment pay for?

All property owners within the Westhaven Plat are subject to an annual assessment based on the covenants of the association that are attached to their properties. The assessments are used for administrative expenses, the maintenance of associations private parks, green spaces, and the many beautiful trails  throughout our neighborhood.  Private court additional assessments are used for the maintenance and support of private court roads, lighting and mailboxes.  For more detail please see annual budget and expenses.

When are the assessments going to be billed?

Yearly assessments are typically mailed in January.  If you have any questions regarding your assessment, please contact our association Treasurer at treasurer@westhaventrails.org.

Who and how is the association budget created?

Budgets are creating annually by the Treasurer and are generally based on the previous years actual expenses plus any additional required projects as approved during the annual meeting.  From time-to-time there can be unexpected or unplanned expenses that require payment and those are discussed and voted on by the Board of Directors.  Examples of this include storm or flooding damage to the parks or trees that require immediate attention.

The Board of Directors has a longstanding policy of maintaining a spending limit of $2000 for unplanned expenses.  These are typically special park projects, replacing park equipment, etc.  Expense over $2000 are required to be included in the proposed budget and approved at the annual meeting.


Can I have a shed or out-building?

According to the covenants, sheds are generally NOT permitted.  However, the Architectural Review Board can issue a variance based on demonstrated need related to safety and security.  Please see the Architectural Review Board page on this site for more information.

Is there a map of the parks?

We do have some park maps.  Please see the PARKS page on the association website.

Who is our alderperson?

Our alderperson changes from time-to-time so for the updated list of Alders, please see the City of Madison's Common Council site: (https://www.cityofmadison.com/Council/councilMembers/alders.cfm)

There is a tree on association property that needs cut down, what should I do?

Contact our Parks Director at parks@westhaventrails.org.  Provide information on where the tree is located and what the problem is.  We'll take care of it from there.

I have a snow removal complaint, who should I contact?

Contact the Board President at president@westhaventrails.org.  Provide information on what the problem is.  We'll take care of it from there.  Additionally, if it is an emergency situation, please see the Contact page for contact information.

I'm a member of the Aaron addition, when are you going to resurface my street?

All Westhaven Trails private streets are evaluated yearly.  The decision to resurface or re-condition the street is based on the working condition of the street and how much money is available for such expenses.  If you have concerns, please contact your Board of Directors at board@westhaventrails.org.

My neighbor hasn't mowed his lawn in two weeks, what can I do?

This is a City of Madison ordnance issue, please refer to the Report a Problem website for more information.  http://www.ci.madison.wi.us/reportaproblem/

How do I become involved in the association?

If you would like to become involved in the Association, contact the Board President at president@westhaventrails.org.  Or come to the annual meeting and present your desire to become more involved.  We continually have committee and community event opportunities available.

Is there a neighborhood watch program in our area?

At this time, due to lack of community involvement we do not have an official neighborhood watch program.  It is something that has been discussed and comes up periodically so if you have an interest in participating in a neighborhood watch program, please contact the President of the Board at president@westhaventrails.org.

When are Board meetings and how can I present a topic?

The Board generally meets at least quarterly depending on the time of the year and the needs as topics arise.  Residents are always welcome to attend Board meeting to observe the proceedings.  Meeting location and start time can vary.  If you have a specific topic you’d like to present or discuss with the Board; we ask that you contact and forward all materials you plan on reviewing to the board President at least two weeks prior to the meeting (president@westhaventrails.org.)

How do I know when and where the annual meetings are?

The annual meeting is typically held the third Monday in April.  You will receive a notice through the mail informing you of the time and place for the meeting.  All are encouraged to attend!

The sidewalk near my home needs repairs, how do I handle this?

The sidewalks are the responsibility of the City of Madison.  See the Report a Problem website (sidewalk concern) for more information.  http://www.ci.madison.wi.us/reportaproblem/

A streetlight near my residence is out, what can I do?

If you live on a city of Madison street, then the streetlights are the responsibility of the City of Madison.  See the Report a Problem website (Traffic Signals, Street Lights and Signs Requests) for more information.  http://www.ci.madison.wi.us/reportaproblem/

If you live on an association private court, then please contact the Board President at president@westhaventrails.org. The Board President will contact a private lighting maintenance company to replace the light bulb.  Note, depending on the season this can take 1 to 2 weeks to schedule.

Where do I find information about snow removal?

See the Snow Removal page in the City of Madison website. Please note: The Association and it’s members are responsible for snow removal on private courts and city sidewalks directly in front of association parks and out-lots.  We encourage residents on either side of the parks to share the snow removal for sidewalks as a way to reduce association snow removal expense.  For any concerns around snow removal on association property only please contact the President of the Board (president@westhaventrails.org) otherwise, contact the City of Madison Streets Department.

Where do I get a copy of the Association Covenants?

Please see the Resources page on this site for copies of the covenants.

Do we have Association Board Bylaws and can I get a copy?

Yes, we do have Bylaws for the operation of the Association Board.  Copies of the Bylaws are available to all member in good standing upon request to the Board of Directors.  Your request, must be in writing and describe a demonstrated need and purpose.

If you didn't see your question here and feel it is one all residence could benefit from?

Please contact the Board President at president@westhaventrails.org.