Our Board of Directors are community volunteers who are elected once a year by the association members.  The board provides the overall administration of the Westhaven Trails Community Service Association, Inc.  The board has four responsibilities and those include (1) maintaining association owned property (neighborhood parks, common areas and private courts), (2) billing, collecting and administering association assessments, (3) ensure effective Architectural Review, and (4) serve as resource for association members and residents.

Meet the Board of Directors

The Westhaven Trails Association Board of Directors & Architecture Review Board (ARB) Members


Kevin Gerber


 Board Member since 2013    Current Term ends-April 2019         *Serves as Event Director


Julie Haas

     Treasurer and Secretary

 Board Member since 2016    Current Term ends-April 2019


Al Ciarletta

       Board Member  

 Board Member since 2016    Current Term ends-April 2019         *Serves as Parks Director


Amber Mironchenko

       Board  Member

 Board Member since 2016    Current Term ends-April 2019  


Kristen Chrisianson

    Board Member - Resigned

Board Member April 2017 - August 2018  

Thank you Kristen for your contribution and service to the neighborhood!

Architectural Review Board

The purpose of the Architectural Review Board (ARB) is to oversee adherence to association covenants, use restrictions and service as an review and approval of architectural change requests submitted by members.  The ARB is independent from the association Board of Directors and are appointed by the association.

Board Member &

Architectural Review Board - Chair

                  Board Member since 2006                                                      Current Term ends-April 2021

ARB Members

ARB Members

 Jim Frymark - Association Member since: 1990

Chuck Quackenboss - Association Member since: 1990

Aileen Ferris - Association Member since: 1990 - 2018 (Thank You Aileen!)

Aileen ended her time on the ARB this year.  She's did a great job supporting our neighborhood and helping us keep this a great place to live..

Katy Reeder - Association Member since: 2015

We want to hear from you!

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for the Board of Directors, please contact the Westhaven Trails Board President.