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If you're currently experiencing a non-emergency problem and would like assistance, please submit the issue through the City of Madison's Report a Problem system.   If you feel this is an emergency condition, please call 911.

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Realtor Inquiries

Contact the Board Treasurer for all inquiries related to annual assessments, billing, payments and other financial issues.  This includes responding to bank, Realtors and potential buyer questions related to association fees and current balances.

Realtor Information Requests

Architecture Review Request

The Architecture Review Board (ARB) serves as a resource for residents to ensure compliance with all neighborhood covenants, architecture guidelines and property use restrictions.

Application for Archectural Review

2024 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting - April 17th, 6 p.m.

 Raymond Road Westside Police Station Community Room  

(See Events page for Zoom Link and more detail) 

2024 Covenant Change Proposal Results:

First, thank you to everyone that took the time to contact the board with questions and/or come to our January 16th specal meeting.  As of February 12th, 2024, we have had 42 members voting "yes" for the change. This is about 9% of the 466 members. To change the covenants it would require at least 65% of members and 2/3rds of first-mortgage holders to approve; therefore the proposed change was not appproved by membership.

2024 Winter Newsletter

West Haven Trails Home Owners Association

First, if you're new to the Westhaven Trails Annual Neighborhood - Welcome!  By now you've probably read or at least browsed our Home Owners Association (HOA) covenants that since 1981 have provided the requirements, guidelines and support to all property owners/association members.   The overall purpose and mission of our HOA was set for us during the development of the neighborhood and focused on maintaining and managing the many parks, green spaces and private courts owned by the association's members (all of us).   Managing to these covenants are the responsibility of the volunteer Board of Directors made up of association members.  Their responsibilities include: (1) maintaining association owned property (neighborhood parks, common areas and private courts), (2) billing, collecting and administering association assessments, (3) ensure effective Architectural Review, and (4) serve as a resource for association members and residents.

Newsletter & E-Mail List Signup

Please signup for our Westhaven Trails Home Owners Association Newsletter here.  Our news letter comes out several times a year prior to the annual meeting and picnic.  We include upcoming events, notices and general neighborhood updates.

Security Lighting Program

Effective lighting is one of the best ways to improve safety and security around your home. To promote improved safety throughout our entire neighborhood, the Westhaven Trails Homeowners Association is providing no cost security lighting options to all its home and property owners.

Event Table & Chair Rental

The Association currently has 4 folding tables and 40 chairs that can be rented by members/property owners.  Tables are $5 each per day, and the chairs are $1 each per day.  There will be a $100 deposit required that will be returned to you (less the rental fees) when the tables and chairs are returned.  Please contact the President of the Association to reserve/rent your tables and chairs.  Please note, all proceeds from the rentals will be considered a donation to the ongoing Association Parks Maintenance fund.